Rediscover your best, most active life with Jamie McDermott Training + Coaching.

I’m Jamie McDermott.

Certified Personal Trainer, Orthopedic Exercise Specialist, Functional Training Specialist, and Holistic Lifestyle Coach.


I specialize in client-centered personal training built on a foundation of deep research, comprehensive assessments, and detailed problem-solving. Since 2008, I’ve been helping people address their chronic pain, increase their mobility, and optimize their health and fitness through corrective and functional exercise programs personalized to fit their unique needs, challenges, and goals. 

I love to help people achieve a level of physical function that they didn't think they could and enjoy the active lifestyle they desire.



Do you want to…

Feel more confident and comfortable performing everyday activities, such as walking, grocery shopping, household chores, gardening, or playing with the kids?

Get back to the active lifestyle you had before you began to experience chronic pain or loss of mobility? 

Set new fitness goals and safely explore new activities, like hiking, dancing, or tennis?

Find long-term support during your recovery from a joint replacement or orthopedic surgery?

Access expert pre- and post-rehabilitation training that will help you heal and rebuild more effectively?

Learn how to prevent chronic pain from repetitive strain injuries, so that you can continue to enjoy the activities you love?

Functional + orthopedic personal training will help you get moving.


My safe, effective, and fully individualized programs address postural and movement problems, increase mobility and functionality, reduce or resolve chronic pain at its roots, and minimize the risk of future repetitive strains and injuries. 

I work with people of all ages and fitness levels. Many of my clients are seeking support for pain management, recovering from physical trauma or joint replacement, working toward a fitness goal, dealing with aging-related loss of fitness, or looking to improve their core strength so that they can feel more balanced and coordinated in their day-to-day activities. 

The one thing that all of my clients have in common? They are all highly motivated to improve their health, fitness, and mobility. 

If this sounds like you, we should talk.



I have been continuously impressed by the volume of Jamie’s knowledge, and her natural ability to easily teach and model potentially complex anatomical material. She has the gift of being able to do so effectively, in such an enjoyable way, that it keeps me looking forward to each session.


— Carol P., Licensed Massage Therapist

What can happen when we work together?


Reduction of chronic pain stemming from imbalances or repetitive movements

Faster recovery from physical injury or rehabilitative surgery

Increased overall mobility

Enhanced functional strength + flexibility

Prevention of repetitive stress injury

More balance, coordination + body awareness

Greater confidence in pursuing new life and fitness goals 

Improved overall quality of life

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