Function-forward personal training.

Featuring an Integrated Health and Performance System designed to help you move and feel better.

My programs feature an Integrated Health and Performance System that draws on my specialized knowledge and experience as an orthopedic and functional trainer and offers a premium whole-health partnership designed for those who are motivated to address root causes and achieve entirely new levels of functional health.


Developed to optimize your physical health and well-being, the Integrated Health and Performance System offers complete and highly individualized client-centered care to address your unique challenges and goals.


Improve your ability to move and function in daily life; relieve chronic pain; improve posture and balance; build strength for work, sport, or general life activities; prevent future injuries; feel better in your body.


Many components of the Integrated Health and Performance System can be offered entirely online, allowing you the flexibility to create a personalized program that truly fits your needs and lifestyle.


2 Month Program

9 Weeks

Establish a solid foundation for new levels of functional health

4 Month Program

17 Weeks

Build new habits and strength to improve functional performance

6 Month Program

26 Weeks

Integrate and embody new levels of health and physical function

Complete client-centered care to help you Move better, Feel better, and Live better.


Integrated Health and Performance System

A complete system offering a holistic approach to orthopedic health and physical function that combines all of the components outlined below.


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Comprehensive Assessment

  • Thorough review of health history forms and questionnaires
  • Review of past and current health challenges and any medical issues
  • Complete musculoskeletal assessment (posture, breathing, length-tension, range of motion, muscle testing, movement, and neuromuscular coordination)
  • Physiological Load (or Total Stress Load) assessment across multiple bodily systems
  • Evaluation of lifestyle factors (such as diet, sleep, and detoxification among others) that influence orthopedic function and have a significant impact on overall health and well-being
  • Uncover the root causes of excess stress, dysfunction, and pain
  • Identify key areas to address to achieve optimal health and function
  • Establish a clear set of goals to work toward

Structured Coaching System

  • Complete and personalized health and exercise plan that addresses the whole individual
  • Oriented towards the goals established from the comprehensive assessment
  • Practical and goal-oriented steps to improve overall health and function
  • Improve holistic balance, reduce Total Stress Load, and increase vitality
  • Optimize function of bodily systems
  • Address areas of imbalance and dysfunction to improve overall functional performance
  • Can be partnered with your physician and other medically-trained professionals to ensure that your program is exactly right for you

Movement, Exercise, and Mobility Program

  • Highly individualized and detailed to address your unique needs
  • Re-establish musculoskeletal balance and mobility
  • Improve physical function and capability
  • Decrease pain
  • Improve overall functional performance for life, work, or sport

Integrative Movement / Exercise Sessions

  • Private one-on-one attention
  • Optimize your results and get the most benefit from your Movement, Exercise, and Mobility Program
  • Receive expert instruction
  • Real-time modifications and progressions to keep you moving forward
  • Accountability and support to stay on track
  • Make efficient progress towards your goals

Client Portal

  • Initial paperwork and questionnaires can be completed entirely online
  • Graphs of assessment results available for immediate viewing
  • Includes your detailed Movement, Exercise, and Mobility Program with video demonstrations of each exercise
  • Options for logging your activity and tracking multiple progress markers
  • Private messaging system
  • Access to additional resources to complement your health journey

Embody Your Best Self

Optimize Your Physical Health and Well-Being

Move Better  -  Feel Better  -  Live Better



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