It’s time to get moving.

Everyone deserves to live a full and active life.

I offer individualized personal training and holistic health coaching to anyone looking to improve their fitness, mobility, balance, strength, and overall wellness — all ages and fitness levels welcome. Whether you’re looking to manage or prevent chronic pain, increase your overall fitness, or work toward a specific goal, such as playing with your grandkids, taking up golf, or running a 5k, I will meet you where you are in your fitness journey and provide you with the support and guidance you need to live your best, most active life.

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How It Works

The Process


During your free consultation, we discuss your goals and challenges, determine whether we are a good fit to work together, and find the program or package that best fits your needs.


We complete your Comprehensive Assessment so that you can benefit from a program designed to help you succeed.

STEP #3:

We develop your detailed, highly personalized, and structured coaching plan based on intensive research and the results of your assessment.


We begin working toward your goals and you start enjoying the results.

The Promise

When we work together, we create a partnership that is based on mutual respect. I understand that personal training can feel intimidating, and I offer my clients a supportive, body-positive, compassionate, and judgment-free environment in which to heal and grow. 

I view and value each of my clients as a unique individual. I work with people of all ages and skills — there is no “minimum” level of fitness that you need to reach before we can begin working together toward your goals. My private studio is a safe, inclusive, and welcoming space that is open to everyone.





Jamie applied her knowledge and experience to my specific situation and I felt I was in extremely capable hands. I believe that these sessions rebuilt my muscles in the best way possible and, unexpectedly, the sessions also provided me with the psychological support that I was making progress at exactly the right speed. She could reflect on my process from the beginning, hear my fears and concerns, and provide me with concrete evidence of my recuperation progress. I am very grateful that Jamie heard my situation and provided an avenue to successfully returning to a physically active life in a supported environment.

 — Karen A.