Buckets of Rain

holistic health Jan 13, 2023

Imagine this scenario…

You have numerous buckets in your backyard.  The buckets are of all different sizes.

It begins to rain.  It rains harder.

The buckets begin to fill with water.

Soon, the smallest buckets are full and overflowing.

It keeps raining.

The larger buckets are filling up and about to overflow.

It keeps raining.

The largest buckets begin to overflow.  There is not one empty bucket left.

And it continues to rain.

This scenario is part of an excellent analogy that I came upon recently.  The buckets represent bodily systems – digestive, circulatory, hormonal, musculoskeletal, respiratory, etc…  The various sizes of the buckets represent the varying sensitivity of each bodily system to stressors.  The rain represents stress in all its forms – physical, emotional, financial, societal, environmental, chemical, etc…

When we encounter stress in some form, digestive disturbance for instance, it does not affect only one bodily system.  Stress is like the rain filling all of the buckets simultaneously.  The entire body is affected.  As we encounter more stress, it begins to rain harder and the most sensitive bodily systems, the smallest buckets, can become overwhelmed and overflow.  If we continue to encounter increasing stressors, then even the most robust bodily systems, the largest buckets, can become overwhelmed.

And if we respond by placing an umbrella over the smaller buckets to prevent them from overflowing while it continues to rain, we will eventually need more umbrellas to cover more buckets.

The real solution is to stop the rain.

Continuing with our analogy, a healthy body that is functioning optimally can handle some occasional rain.  In fact, some rain is necessary for continued health.  A certain degree of stress, in various forms, is necessary to maintain optimal health, or homeostasis.

Too much stress, however, begins to cause imbalance and breaks down bodily systems.  Too much rain will fill the buckets and cause some to overflow.

By the time any bucket fills and overflows, before any bodily system becomes overwhelmed, revealing symptoms of imbalance, it has been raining for a while.  There has been too much stress for too long.  And, unfortunately, we often don’t even know it’s raining until buckets are overflowing.  Only then do we realize that something is wrong.

Health conditions, disorders, and disease do not spontaneously occur overnight.  The buckets do not spontaneously overflow with rainwater.

Our aim, as health-conscious individuals, is to become attuned to ourselves enough so that we can recognize when it is raining too much before health problems arise.

Fortunately, as we travel this path, there are tools available that allow us to know if it’s raining and how hard it may be raining.  One such tool is included with my Holistic Health Service.

The HAQ is an extremely powerful tool that provides a snapshot of all the buckets.  It provides a clear and accurate picture of your current state of overall health.

And it provides us with important information that allows us the necessary insight to begin to slow or stop the rain, empty some water out of the buckets, and allow the sun to shine.

The whole of our bodily system will ALWAYS strive to maintain homeostasis, no matter what.  When we learn to work with the powerful regenerative, self-healing, and self-correcting forces that are innately built into us, and do so on a regular basis, we can direct ourselves towards health and well-being.

We can manage the rain and prevent the buckets in the backyard from overflowing.


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